What is PlayFur?

Playfur is your resource for the sexiest, cutest and most downright gorgeous furry content the net has to offer. Both male and female content is provided. With a host of passionate artists we know you will not be disappointed.

Currently the site is still being updated, in the meantime we present to you a free teaser gallery with our work. Feel free to take a looksie! Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

-Bhav (PlayFur Owner/Artist)

Bhav's Gallery

Bhav on Furaffinity

Contributing Artists - Last updated May 2010

Spirit Raptor

A splendid artist, his scaley work to be marveled at, if you love males then Spirit is the chap to look into, check out his work in the galleries!

Spirit Raptor's Gallery

Spirit Raptor on Furaffinity


Dont be fooled by his name, Vdisco is someone definitely worth checking out if you like your ladies with that extra hip and chest size. Dont be shy check his work out!

Vdisco's Gallery

Vdisco on Furaffinity

Contributing Writers - Last updated June 2013


For creating engaging stories, Ultrafox is the person to approach, his creative writing and experience have given Playfur an amazing boost, especially with the offical Playfur comic, if you have not read it yet, check it out in our comic section! Beyond this Ultra is also creative individual!

Ultrafox on Furaffinity

Guest Artists - Last updated July 2012


A Stunning artist Playfur have managed to asked to share his work with us in the free section, check out his work!

Equus's Gallery

Equus on Furaffinity